Emailing Campaigns

About the client

Our client is a multinational corporation, leader in 3D Design and Engineering Softwares.

They are organized as follow: the corporate team owns the emailing tool and develops new features based on needs. They provide guidelines and best practices as well for the local teams.

With presence in several countries and thousands of employees worldwide, team collaboration and integration can be very challenging.

Client needs

The global team was struggling to have the different regions and brands follow their best practices in terms of emailing campaigns (campaign setup, naming convention, email content, etc.).

The challenges for the client were: lack of centralized guideline or reference, a high number of contributors not well-trained for marketing automation software/ not tech-savvy, a setup affecting lead routing that is seldom understood and technical elements needed to personalize user experience.

The call center had to abandon some leads because the purpose of the campaign was not stated

Emails weren’t optimized for user experience: text too long, too many Call to Actions, inconsistent branding, blurred or heavy image

The features in the marketing automation software Adobe Campaign were not maximized for the best results (target recipients not specific enough, sending time not adapted to the recipient’s time zone, etc.)

Lack of understanding in campaign performance

Our role

Our main role was to build a fully integrated team to handle all emailing campaigns requests from stakeholders around the world. By centralizing the requests, we were able to achieve the following. Learn more about our CRM & emailing campaigns services

Help to streamline their workflow and increase productivity and efficiency

Ensure quality and consistency control

Enable the resources in regions to focus on strategy rather than execution

Build a relationship with stakeholders & anticipate their needs as a consultant is handling all emailing requests from a region

Monitor and interpret the campaign performance for better decision making



Team creation & Training

Build expertise

Build materials to better support request treatment


Advise stakeholders depending on their purpose / strategy (recommandations)

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