Fave is a leading fintech platform present in Southeast Asia. They provide a mobile payment app for consumers to pay & save (through rewards on cashback, savings, and rewards). They help offline businesses connect and retain customers.

Industry: Services

Fave is on a mission to maximize joy & value in every shopping experience and accelerate the offline world’s transition to the digital economy.”


Fave called upon Synapsys Digital services in January 2022 to assist them in improving new app downloads on Android devices. The company needed to find a way to improve app downloads by using Google GDN Ads and Facebook Ads platform.

The objective was to have a cost per action (CPA) below 10 MYR per app installation, and a click-through rate (CTR) at 1.8% minimum.

Our strategy included using the different channels. To maximize results, we used:

3 different networks of Google GDN Ads

1 network of Facebook Ads


Our main goal was to generate brand exposure & traffic through paid campaigns. To achieve that goal, we used the following strategy ad-wise:

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Google GDN Ads

  • Budget part: 90%
  • Impressions: 4,104,767
  • Clicks: 100, 128
  • CTR: 2.57%
  • App installs: 4,490
  • Conversion rate (CVR): 1.16%
  • CPA: 4.12 MYR

Facebook Ads

  • Budget part: 10%
  • Impressions: 55, 709
  • Ad clicks: 269
  • CTR: 0.33%
  • App installs: 180
  • Conversion rate (CVR): 0.66%
  • CPA: 1.89 MYR


The achieved KPIs surpassed the objective KPIs: less than 5 MYR per installation (vs less than 10 MYR). The CTR of Google App Ads also exceeded the set minimum CTR (1.8%).

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