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About the client

Industry: Property Development

Mah Sing is a property development company. Originally in trading, the company ventured in this industry in 1994 and has become a prominent property developer in Malaysia.

“Innovation lies at the heart of our daily endeavors as we live our mission to be a sustainable property developer company.”

Mah Sing garnered numerous awards for their community-focused projects. They are now one of Malaysia’s top housing developers.

Client needs

Mah Sing was looking to launch a campaign called “Home with Mah Sing”. The Home with Mah Sing campaign was going to offer affordable entry into home ownership with low upfront costs, as well as incentives and savings for buyers.

The goal was to captivate audience from various demography (large targeted audience):  career-oriented individuals; senior investors; as well as young families and couple wanting to start a family.

The campaign was also designed to address specific pain points in customers’ home ownership journey: financial, uncertainty, and product. To learn more, please consult this press release.

Therefore, they needed Synapsys Digital’s expertise to generate leads through the following tactics:

Build an optimized landing page to highlight all their 17 projects across Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor & Penang and to capture the right leads.

Set up and maintain targeted ads on Facebook/Instagram & Google aiming at potential homebuyers throughout Malaysia. The target conversion rate (CVR) for the ads was fixed to 2%.


Our main goal was to generate exposure & leads within the timeframe of the campaign: from January to March 2021 (3 months).

To achieve this, we did the following:

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The campaign also attracted media attention: The Edge MarketsThe Star or iProperty all communicated on the campaign.


Mah Sing Gmail ad - Synapsys Digital Sdn Bhd
Mah Sing YouTube ad - Synapsys Digital Sdn Bhd
Mah Sing YouTube ad - Synapsys Digital Sdn Bhd
Mah Sing Gmail ad - Synapsys Digital Sdn Bhd


Landing page

Website Users: 106,808
Bounce rate: 47.49%
Average session duration: 00:00:51
Average pages/session: 5.05
Conversion rate (CVR): 1.71%

Paid advertising (all channels)

Ad clicks: 194,342
Leads generated: 4,062
Conversion rate (CVR): 2.21% – Target exceeded!

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