VSTECS Pericomp

About the client

VSTECS is a leading distribution hub for Information & Communications Technology (“ICT”) products in Malaysia via its subsidiaries VSTECS Astar, VSTECS Pericomp, VSTECS Ku & VSTECS Kush.

Industry: High Tech, Distribution

VSTECS Pericomp distributes computer peripherals and other hardware to its distribution network of over 500 Enterprise IT resellers and System Integrators throughout Malaysia.  The Company provides services in the field of Networking & Enterprise IT System Design, Presales Support, and System Integration Proposal in support of its Enterprise IT resellers and System Integrators.

Today, VSTECS Pericomp is a leading value added distributor of Enterprise Systems and solutions serving the business and enterprise segments of the IT industry. ”

Client needs

VSTECS Pericomp called upon Digital Plant services in January 2021 to assist them in their daily digital marketing activities, mainly in email marketing and microsite development & management. Our goals include:

Increase email marketing engagement

Ensure a clean and updated database

Create a one stop center for all marketing activities & promotions by VSTECS Pericomp

Our role

Our main goal was to generate brand exposure & traffic mainly through email campaigns. To achieve that goal, we segmented the database into Business Partners and End Users in order to adapt the content strategy depending on the target segment.

The strategy defined was tripartite:

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We have worked on 48 campaigns including weekly newsletters, products promotions & live webinars during the 5-month long campaign (Feb to June 2021).


VSTECS email campaign - Synapsys Digital Sdn Bhd
VSTECS landing page - Synapsys Digital Sdn Bhd
VSTECS landing page - Synapsys Digital Sdn Bhd

ACHIVED KPIS (5 months)

Email campaigns

  • Average open rate: 22.52% (peers average performance on MailChimp is 19.5%)
  • Click rate: 2.62% (peers average performance on MailChimp is 1.8%)
  • Opt-out rate: 0.1% (same as peers average performance on MailChimp)
  • Average goal rate on landing pages (built on MailChimp): 43.5%


Launched on July 27th, 2021. KPIs to be shared soon!


Best performing

Overall, what worked best for VSTECS Pericomp (high-tech/distribution industry) were events and webinar-related communications (open rate: 21.5%, click rate: 3.1%, goal rate: 51.20%)


Our target for Q3 & Q4 2021 is to achieve the following:

  • Improve the email engagement rate by reducing the part of inactive contacts (rarely engaged) 20% – 30%
  • Optimize the SEO strategy to ensure the microsite performs well organically on search engines
  • Enrich the microsite with sub-pages for each vendor (up to 26 brands)

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