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An Inclusive and Equitable ​corporate model Business Model

Proudly independent since its founding in 2012, Synapsys is led by Sébastien Di Ruocco and Cédric Noizet, who share a common vision: to create the best professional environment for developing everyone’s skills.​

At Synapsys, our model is to surround ourselves with individuals united by the desire to achieve professional fulfillment in complex environments. Rhinos are passionate about human challenges and the Synapsys culture. This is evident in a genuine eagerness to learn, progress, and perceive the tangible impact of their work​

Culture Rh Modele Entreprise

Strong values


Through their integrity and authenticity, Rhinos fully engage in a company project that reflects their values. By joining Synapsys, you commit to becoming part of a community of talents and channeling your energy into a united and cohesive collective.​

Commitment ​

Synapsys is wholeheartedly committed to its employees, who, in return, choose to invest in the company’s project. Thus, managers and employees become active participants in their skill development.​


Authenticity Authenticity lies in the sincerity and accuracy of actions and relationships. It is embodied by our attitude within the collective and with our clients.​


We offer an inclusive and equitable vision of the company where a fair balance is established among the members of the collective. Each Rhino has the opportunity to achieve professional fulfillment within a stimulating ecosystem.​

Join the squads

To foster teamwork and collective and individual skill development, Synapsys has decided to organize itself into squads.​

Squads are technological communities that come together throughout the year to support their members in skill development, showcase expertise within the group, and enhance service offerings.​

Each Rhino joins a squad upon arrival and becomes an active participant in their own development.​

Discover the squads
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Our recruitment process

Beyond solid training, we recruit above all potential and curious and determined personalities, with excellent interpersonal skills.

Individual interview with HR

Inform you about our professions, our career support, your future squad, the culture and the company project.
Allow us to understand your background, your personality and your relational logic.

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Individual interview with your manager

Detail customer cases, mission opportunities, teams, work environment and technological scope.
Allow us to guarantee good alignment between your skills, your expectations and open opportunities.

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Time for discussion with an experienced technical collaborator

Allow you to meet a technical expert to assess your level of expertise and help you plan for future skills.

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Digital Café

But also… suggest you talk with an ambassador to get an insight into the life of a Rhino and benefit from sharing their experience.

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Tips for making your first contact successful

Equipe Manager Direction

Master your biography: review and prioritize the main stages of your professional journey and be able to explain the reasons for them clearly and honestly.​

Highlight your professional skills: emphasize the strong aspects of your professional skills and showcase them in relation to the challenges of the proposed position.​

Identify your motivations and career goals: what drives you to act and what allows you to fulfill yourself in your work conscientiously.​

Analyze the means and energy that will be necessary to achieve this goal (being aware of your strengths and what you will need to work on).​

Identify professional and personal projects that have allowed you to develop your skills.​

Explain what your commitment to our company will be and what you could bring to Synapsys in the short and long term.​

Discuss your interest in Synapsys: the elements you have noted, what has impressed you, and why you want to join Synapsys more than any other company.​

Express your expectations: identify what you expect from your employer, what is important to you​

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